Annual Athletic Meet

School organizes its Inter-school annual athletic meet during Sep. to Nov. every year to promote physique discipline and culture.

Science Exhibition

Every inquistive child has the potential of a scientist in him and in order to unleash that potential. Chandi Convent School organizes inter-school science exhibition every year. The objective of this event is to highlight the scientific talent of the student.

Debate Competition

In order to encourage the analytical skills as well as eloquence among the students every year, Chandi Convent School organizes Inter-school debate competition. This year the topic for the debate competition was Social Media Tools : Responsible for deteriorating mindset of youth.

Annual Cultural Fest

It is a much awaited event in Chandi Convent School and it receives an overwhelming response from the students, their guardians and guests. This cultural evening viewer to swing their tunes.

Hobby Clases

To unleash the latest creativity hidden inside the students, hobby classes are a regular features at Chandi Convent School. The organization of such classes helps the students to sharpen their skills related to their interest and hobbies. This effort of school may pave the way to success for the budding students.

Art Education

Art education constitutes an important area of curricular activity for the development of the child and it goes on in a creative, productive and jovial manner. It encourages developingg creative expression and sharpens senses through keen observation of the environment.

Home Room

In the concept of 'Home Room' the class is known as home room group and the class teacher as Home room teacher. She pays attention to the students individually and is a link between the parents and the principal. He/She is responsible for excursions, camps, projects for awareness of social and national issues, discussion on current affairs and participations in programs conducted in the school.