Director's Message

Truly education is the main base of all types of progress and development. As I am observing over a decade and having the experience that progress is possible only in that condition when men and women are equally well educated .The purpose of education is not restricted up to the bookish knowledge but apart from it education inculcates the basic things of life as benevolence, wisdom, compassion, courage, humanity, integrity and reliability in a student. Being the director of the school we will also force on these things along with education that's why a smart student may emerge in this amazing world . With it I will focus on the key point of education as the development of faculty that will be the excel of the progress of the school.

However the teachers are already well educated and expert in their respective field & they will impart the such type of education which make our students self reliant and self confident so that they may face challenges of present life situation easily. Chandi Convent School will always inspire his teachers as well as students to be excel of the society in the constantly changing environment. I am fully confident that the Chandi Convent School will be the best place for your Child's progress. Your active participation is also welcome.