Chandi Convent School

Chandi Convent School was established in 2019. It is a Premier co educational institution of the city.

Chandi Convent School imparts English Medium Education from Play Group to classVIII. The School provides ample opportunities and facilities for physical and mental fitness. School has maintained a beautiful doll-room and play-way method is used for teaching the tiny tots.

The School is housed in a large building having spacious and airy classrooms. It has a well-stocked library, well equipped and modern Computer Labs and Science Labs. The School has audio-visual rooms having LCD Projectors, LCD Television for providing exposure through modern teaching aids. In addition to that, facilities like School Canteen, School buses are also provided.


1. Future-Focused-

Strives to be a leading and progressive school, firmly focused on future aspirations, while being strongly rooted in the rich heritage and culture of our past.

2.Learning In The Environment-

Provide a stress-free learning environment in the midst of nature, so that learning happens by absorption and observation.

3.Focus On Learning-

Encourage every student to achieve his or her maximum potential in academic, extra-curricular activities and sports.


Employ teachers and staff with the best training and knowledge; who are passionate, committed and result-driven.

5.Infrastructure And Facilities-

Provide the latest infrastructure and educational practices appropriate to the intellectual needs of students.

6.Collective Responsibility-

Work closely with the parent community to endorse long-term vision of the institution to promote educational excellence for life.

7.Creating Partnerships-

Associating with academicians, reputed institutions and organisations from across the world to bring in the best in educational practices through exchange programmes.

8.Social And Emotional Learning-

Address effective social and emotional development in the students for enhanced physical and emotional well-being to lead positive relationships with their peers and family.

9.Community Connections-

Connect with our local community, striving to make a relevant contribution by establishing and maintaining meaningful partnerships.